Human resources

HR processes are crucial in a company. When they are well done, they help to attract, develop and retain talent.

On the other hand, sloppy processes will have a negative impact on the employer branding and will affect the teams already in place.

Not to mention the financial loss!

Why should you choose us?

We take the time to analyze your situation and set up an action plan that is tailored to your needs and the level of assistance you need: the offer is flexible and customized!

We coach and assist you along the different steps, but YOU keep control of the process 

You save time and you can focus on your core business 

We provide you with concrete, practical and tailor made tools that you can use later on in an autonomous way 

You ensure a positive and professional experience for your employees

How does it work?

Recruitment and Onboarding

Companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, often don't have the time (nor the budget) to develop their recruitment skills and when the need for recruitment occurs, it is often urgent...

So they usually have the choice between doing it themselves, which is extremely time-consuming, or involving a recruitment agency, which is often expensive and usually impersonal.   

Today, Horesman offers you an alternate solution: Recruitment support:
  • Support in preparing and placing the advertisement
  • Assistance in selecting the best candidates
  • Provision of documents and checklists
  • Support during the various interview phases
  • Assistance during the administrative steps of the onboarding.

End of employment and Offboarding

Managing departures is just as important as arrivals. There are milestones that should not be ignored. Sloppy handling of this process can create a negative feeling for both the person leaving and the team remaining. Careful handling of the end of the collaboration is crucial to maintaining a positive image and reputation.

What we offer:

  • Support in the administrative steps relating to the end of employment
  • Assistance in drafting work certificates
  • Setting up a checklist of termination procedures
  • Support in complex termination situations

Our team is also available to assist you with any other HR related issue. Do not hesitate to contact us at